Tandem Trailers

Tandem-Axle or Double-Axle Trailers 

At Southwest Trailers & Fabrications, our tandem trailers are jam-packed with durability and efficiency. With two axles, our tandem trailers offer high weight capacity and guarantee a smooth ride. Compared to single types, double-axle trailers or tandem-axle trailers are more stable, better to transport goods over long distances and can handle more weight. Theoretically, each axle should be able to carry anywhere between 2,500 to 5,000 pounds. Another advantage is that they won’t bounce around, which is beneficial for your comfort whilst driving, and for the protection of your goods being carried.

When looking into getting a tandem trailer, it’s important to consider whether the chassis, tires and spring hangers can handle the weight of your intended load. Additionally, you need to decide whether you want a model with hinged sections at the front and rear. Just let us know!

Some of Our Popular Models Include:

The 14 x 7 Tandem-Axle Trailer is a high-capacity workhorse for transporting all kinds of goods and materials.
The 16 x 6.6" Car/Vehicle Carrying Trailer is perfect for conveniently transporting cars and other small vehicles securely. Its four-wheel setup makes for a smooth ride. 
The 10 x 7 Flat Top Trailer with drop sides is perfect for quickly loading and offloading all kinds of goods.
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Our tandem trailers are perfect for heavy loads, and they make towing a heck of a lot more convenient and hassle-free. Whether you are a farmer, a camper or a trades person, a tandem trailer can make all those hours on the road easy and trouble-free. Call us and see the difference that one of our trailers can make for your travelling needs. 
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