Stock Crate

Keep Your Livestock Safe

Farmers and livestock traders rely on Southwest Trailers & Fabrications for our top-notch stock crate trailers to transport their animals. It’s important you transport your livestock safely, and one way of doing that is by purchasing a stock crate trailer from us. We have the most durable, well-designed trailers to suit any farmer or livestock trader’s needs. 

Moving your cows, horses or any other kind of livestock onto and off of the trailer can be hassle-free and easier for both you and the animals. You can offload the animals with the stock crate still attached, or you can detach the stock crate from the truck, whichever is easiest. To minimise stress and risk to the animals, you should use a custom-made facility as a stock crate, and we can help with that! This helps you comply with the Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for the land transport of livestock and relevant state and territory legislation.

Our trailers come with fenced ramps, detachable stock crates and other features for ease of use. Ring Chris and Angela today to learn more or pay us a visit!

Stock Crate Trailers 

12 x 6 Box Trailer with Detachable Stock Crate
12 x 6 Box Trailer with Stock Crate and Portable Yard
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