Box Trailers

If You Need It, We Have It

You’ll often see these kinds of trailers on the roads in Australia. Why? They’re made of the highest-quality materials, are long-lasting, secure, come with a locking mechanism and are spacious. What more do you need? At Southwest Trailers & Fabrications, we have a selection of box trailers suitable for farmers, campers, individuals and businessmen all over Bomen, NSW and beyond. 

Why Choose a Box Trailer?

• Extra room for people and materials. If you are going to use your trailer a lot for transportation, the boxstyle may be something that will suit you because it allows for the transportation of more people and materials.
• With more security, you can keep your expensive equipment safe inside with a locking mechanism.
• Since this style does not have too many installations or accessories in the end product, maintaining it is easy. You will not have any difficulty giving it a clean-up whenever you want.
• This lightweight option certainly makes sense if you were thinking of investing in a caravan. Our units are made from lightweight materials, which are also sturdy.

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10 x 5 Box Trailers
ATV Trailer, towed behind 4-wheel motorbikes
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